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History ebbs and flows, each time under a different guise. When you peel back the layers of municipal dialogue, towering brick structures, and vapid slogans, the true nugget becomes apparent. Behind it is that which we worship. That which eludes most of us. That which selective freedom encourages all but only enables some to pursue. The search for it is deemed virtuous. And we, the ones with nothing but our imagination and what little it can scrape together are hindered. Only to be monetized. Capitalized. Such is the result when Man – not Men  – is the arbiter of virtue. So long as we paper over, patch up, and bury, history ebbs and flows.


See us on tour this Spring ;)


Monoculture is a Dallas psych rock four-piece. What once started as aimless jams between founders and longtime friends Olan Mijana and Nick Leibold became something with a little more purpose when the two completed a four-track demo while living 300 miles apart. 

While their first record left the impression that there was still some soul searching for them to do, their second, titled Blueprint for Dysfunction, sees Monoculture truly finding their form with something more cohesive, conceptual, unique -- and jazzy.


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