Photo by  Annie Nelson

Photo by Annie Nelson

Monoculture is a Dallas psych/jazz-fusion four-piece. What once started as aimless jams between founders and longtime friends Olan Mijana and Nick Leibold became something with a little more purpose when the two completed a four-track demo while living 300 miles apart. This demo was the catalyst to the two's completion of Monoculture’s full-length, debut album “Heavier Daze,” an eclectic take on psychedelic rock.

Fast forward a few years, and Monoculture have added to their original lineup in the form of Jason Trevino on bass and John Valentine on keys. Besides trekking across the US, the group has built a base in Dallas, with acclaim from local press outlets such as D Magazine and the Dallas Observer, and nationally-recognized Afropunk, opening slots for psych legends The Brian Jonestown Massacre and other national acts such as Mild High Club and LA Witch, as well as the foundation of Dallas's first psychedelic music festival, Paisley Maze .

While their first record left the impression that there was still some soul searching for them to do, their second, titled Blueprint for Dysfunction, sees Monoculture truly finding their form with something more cohesive, conceptual, unique -- and jazzy.